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Product after-sales service

1, the product quality guarantee period is one year, all year round to provide paid services. The parts in the quality assurance period are due to quality problems

The supplier provides it free of charge.

2, wearing parts due to normal wear or damage, the two sides can sign a supporting agreement, the supplier will be supplied at a preferential price. If necessary

Damage to equipment or parts caused by Party B's own purchase is not covered by the warranty, and the supplier will be charged at its discretion.

3. Within 300 hours of operation of the equipment, the supplier shall provide on-site service and guidance of technical personnel free of charge, and the demander shall provide accommodation.

Food and short distance expenses (accommodation, food not less than 80 yuan/person. Day standard).

4. When the equipment runs for 600 hours, 800 hours, 1000 hours, 1500 hours, 3000 hours, the supplier will send personnel to inspect the equipment free of charge.

The demander shall provide accommodation, food and short distance difference charges (accommodation and food shall not be less than 80 yuan/person). Day standard).

Main products, services and solutions

At present, the company has fixed assets of 340 million yuan, covers an area of 132,000 square meters, and has more than 200 employees.

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